Bronchitis Season

Protect yourself against bronchitis this spring. If you begin to feel like your not getting enough air, you probably arent. I’ve been coughing for a couple weeks. Once you start coughing up the crud thats clogging your airways, drink some tea to kill that bad bacteria in there & open your airways back up befor Bronchitis sets in. Preventative Care for yourself thru drinking tea, is very effective. This blend of herbs works if your chest cold has just set in or has turned into full blown Bronchitis.

Today Im beginning my own blend of Goldenseal, Osha Root, comfrey, calendula, yarrow, matcha, lemon zest w/raw cane sugar hot tea. Tastes like green tea.

*The goldenseal will increase your internal body heat, burning that bacteria out of your body.
*The Osha will instantly open your lungs and calm down a queasy or painful chest or stomach form coughing/trying to breath.
*The comfrey will kill the bad bacteria in your bronchial tract, plus repair any lung tissue damage, and open up your airways.
*The Thyme is a big brochial dialator. It will instantly open your lungs, relieve tightness in your chest lungs and belly. It kills bronchitis bacteria. You will instantly notice it. Goodbye inhaler!
*The Calendula cleans your Lymphatic System. Removing toxins and waste that create inflammation throughout your body and sinuses.
*Yarrow is a vasodilator. It will open your bloodvessels, and reduces blood pressure. Stops pain incredibly also.
*The Matcha Tea will help you keep a clear mind. It is high in a catechin called EGCG which is believed to have cancer-fighting effects on the body. It has been shown to reduce blood pressure, and it cuts phlegm and fat from your body.
*The Lemon Zest cuts phlegm and fat from your body and kills bad bacteria. Plus it tastes really good too!

Enjoy blending this tea up & using it to help yourself feel a better fast!