Andrew Skurka

When you google Bonnie’s Balms online Andrew Skurka’s Blog pops up. Why? He is sponsored by National Geographic. Mr Skurka has been trash mouthing me and my business since 2016. He recommended Bonnie’s Balms Healing Salve in the National Geographic Gear Guide 2016 & the Outside Magazine 2016. I briefly (1 year) supplied him with a case of Healing Salve every 4-5 months during that year. Andrew has taken to slandering me as much as he can online and has been punishing me now for 3 years. His posts about me are not true, narcissistic and down right hateful.
I honestly wish he had never discovered my products. He will not remove any of his posts from his blog about me. It has damaged my online presence I’d worked so hard to build now for 12 years. He is mean person and a jackass. I pray he does not get injured and loses his livelihood as I almost did. As a Hiking Guide injuries like mine would have ruined him, as he has tried so hard to ruin me.

What happened in to me 2016

I got hurt in March – herniated disc and a torn rotator cuff from being smacked around one night by my last serious boyfriend. Needless to say I moved out the next day and began healing my body as fast as possible.
For 2 months I was unable to lift my arms to manufacture Bonnie’s Balms. The injury almost made me fold up and lose my company. I was a very depressed during this time in my life.

Upon recovery from that, 2 black widow spiders bit me on my thigh. I had 2 heart attacks from those bites and ended up with 2 serious DVT’s in my thighs, and 20 odd blood clots in my right lung from the black widow spider bites.
I was so sick my doctor told me to call my children and say my goodbyes. I could hardly breathe and would just lay on my bed and cry and ask god for a second chance.
During all of 2016 until Sept of 2018 I was also going through a very nasty divorce from my exhusband Richard Squire, founder of the Breckenridge Brewery. I was severely depressed over the pain of the negativity failing on may levels.

That being said, it’s taken me 3 years to heal and get my health back through blood thinners and enzymes that eat blood clots. My health has been back to full steam since October of 2018. I apologize to everyone for being sick and unable to help you feel better. Honestly I was using all my effort to push forward and regain my health.

When I got injured I refunded all the money to every customer who had ordered Bonnie’s Balms because I could not manufacture any medicine to send to them. I also refunded Andrew Skurka his money back on a case of 36 Healing Salves.
Andrew Skurka tried to duplicate my formula for Bonnie’s Balms Healing Salve and failed miserably. (He says this in blog, all proud to have tried to attempt it)
I’ve never met this man, nor do I want to ever. I would however love some help in making him remove me and my company from his blog. He never paid one bill in 30 days net like he was invoiced at all. Slow pay…. The one time I asked him to order the product online, I couldn’t fill the order. So he was refunded.

In November of 2016 I moved to Palisade, Colorado to a lower altitude to recover my health. Hired a young lady to help manufacture so I could send all the customers I’d refunded money to their orders anyway, so they could still benefit from my medicine. Sent apologies to everyone and my customers were happy I’m alive and still making my formula’s. My young assistant sent 50 of these orders to the wrong customers, so I called and emailed those customers and apologized again and sent them the correct formula’s. Fired the young lady and started to manufacture again solo. It really hurt me inside to have failed my customers and to have been unable to help them heal and feel better.

Today is August 2, 2019. Bonnie’s Balms has a new Store Front located at 309 w 8th Street Suite 5, Palisade, Colorado 81526. I opened the store July 1st, 2019. My company is running strong and has 1,000’s of customers. These wonderful people are all glad I’m alive and here to help them feel better. My path is to heal others. Nothing and no one is going to prevent this from happening ever again unless I die. Which I don’t plan on doing for at least another 40 years.

Bonnie’s Balms is available through Amazon FBA and on my website at Https://PainReliefShop.Store. I changed the website address to try to deflect Andrew Skurka’s stupid blog posts. It didn’t work. He still pops up when you google Bonnie’s Balms on the first page. My lawyers told me it would cost $25,000 in legal fee’s to make him go away. I’m not going to spend that money on him. He is not worth it.

However, I am setting the record straight now. If you know him make sure and tell him what a jerk he is. Taking advantage of a deathly sick woman when she was almost dying.

God has a purpose for me. I answer only to him. My recipe’s come to me in my dreams. Healing others is my path, from which I will not falter.

Thank you for reading my blog and believing in me and my medicine.

Rub Bonnie’s Balms where you hurt, feel better!


Bronchitis Season

Protect yourself against bronchitis this spring. If you begin to feel like your not getting enough air, you probably arent. I’ve been coughing for a couple weeks. Once you start coughing up the crud thats clogging your airways, drink some tea to kill that bad bacteria in there & open your airways back up befor Bronchitis sets in. Preventative Care for yourself thru drinking tea, is very effective. This blend of herbs works if your chest cold has just set in or has turned into full blown Bronchitis.

Today Im beginning my own blend of Goldenseal, Osha Root, comfrey, calendula, yarrow, matcha, lemon zest w/raw cane sugar hot tea. Tastes like green tea.

*The goldenseal will increase your internal body heat, burning that bacteria out of your body.
*The Osha will instantly open your lungs and calm down a queasy or painful chest or stomach form coughing/trying to breath.
*The comfrey will kill the bad bacteria in your bronchial tract, plus repair any lung tissue damage, and open up your airways.
*The Thyme is a big brochial dialator. It will instantly open your lungs, relieve tightness in your chest lungs and belly. It kills bronchitis bacteria. You will instantly notice it. Goodbye inhaler!
*The Calendula cleans your Lymphatic System. Removing toxins and waste that create inflammation throughout your body and sinuses.
*Yarrow is a vasodilator. It will open your bloodvessels, and reduces blood pressure. Stops pain incredibly also.
*The Matcha Tea will help you keep a clear mind. It is high in a catechin called EGCG which is believed to have cancer-fighting effects on the body. It has been shown to reduce blood pressure, and it cuts phlegm and fat from your body.
*The Lemon Zest cuts phlegm and fat from your body and kills bad bacteria. Plus it tastes really good too!

Enjoy blending this tea up & using it to help yourself feel a better fast!

Bonnies Medicine Woman Story

I began my journey into medicine back when I was a little girl growing up.

Bonnie Medicine Woman
Bonnie has had multiple neck, shoulder and knee injuries over the years. Being in pain is why she creates all her healing and pain relief formula’s

I began my journey into medicine back when I was a little girl growing up.

My Grandfather was a medicine man and a Jet mechanic. Being an employee of Delta back in day, gave him and grandma huge freedom to travel all over the world. Grandpa had an air of mischief and mystery surrounding him. He had huge, beautiful gardens and a Forbidden Zone Greenhouse in his back yard. I was never allowed in his Greenhouse or lab.

Mom had huge gardens in our backyard. The whole family and cousins and uncles all came over and helped build up each garden bed area and help plant all our food for the season. It was a beautiful childhood looking back. Daddy would share a pig, a cow with one of his farmer buddies every year for our meat. The milk man came to our house every other day. 7 kids in the family. My father was a fine finish house painter, an artist, plus so much more.
We had horses, a lake house at the Lake of the Ozarks, a houseboat, all kinds of boats, dirt bikes, lots of fun. Daddy always made sure we spent alot of time in the outdoors. Why? Because he loved the outdoors. He was a great father.

Then one day I met a man I thought was wonderful and married him. 1 year after we married I got pregnant an had my first child. We had 3 children together. Modern medicine began to fail me immediately in all area’s of my life. So for the first time as an adult I began studying herbal medicine and began using in small ways in my families lives. Life was interesting and wonderful for a few years. Then I began a new education. The education of how to hand Insane People. The a man who was my husband started slipping into Paranoid Schizophenia and became increasing violent.

I was raised Roman Catholic. He became increasingly jealous of our new son and became violent with me. He used to beat the shit out me. It was horrible. I had 2 more kids. I loved the kids. Tom beat me religiously every 3 months for 4 years. Afterwards he would rape me. I hated him. I’d walk around him at night afterwards with my Smith n Wesson 357 Magnum and think about blowing his head off.
I’d look into my kids rooms, shake my head and put my gun away.
He never touched the kids violently thank god. I’d have had to done something sinful had that happened. The last time he beat me and tried to smother me on the couch, I somehow got away. I somehow got away with a knife and ran a couple miles into a graveyard. I sat there beside the lake and talked to god inside my head while I cried. I felt trapped with this husband being a faithful roman catholic young woman. When he wouldn’t answer I did what I came there to do. Tried to cut my throat, the knife was too dull, it wouldn’t cut……
I heard God whisper in my ear: I have a plan for you my daughter. Put the knife down. Go home, get a divorce. I’d never thought to divorce my husband. So, I went home, acted like everything was okay and planned my exit strategy.

At that time, I had a thriving business in my name Tom’s Exotic Aquatics. I owned and operated it myself fully. My husband was unemployable by then.
This is where I learned all about prescription Medicine. I ordered all my drugs for all my fresh and saltwater fish, reptiles, small animals from Dynapet. It came all carded up with my company name printed on the packages! One of my best customers was a  pharmacists. She educated me on what all these medicines did and how to use them. The rest I learned in books. People started bringing in their animals to get their nails clipped, shots, their snakes and reptiles sexed and wormed, mite treatments, operations on lizards, and snakes that needed help desperately … Learned how breed many different kinds of snakes, lizards, frogs and fish. The Pet Shop was my safe zone. I loved it.

The Raytown, MO Police Officers and Other Officers would show up in a huge groups and I’d lock the door and feed all the reptiles for them. I met the chief of police this way. He took me under his wing and taught me how to protect myself and fight Ty Kwon Do. I loved martial arts. After I left my husband I needed good people like this looking out for me and my children.

This is the beginning of my story. Please come back tomorrow for more!

February 1, 2019

Hi! Its been more than a day since I wrote added to my Medicine Woman Story. Sorry it took so long to get back here. When writing about such thick emotional stuff, its good to sit back and digest the info before writing more. I’m ready to share more of my story with you today!

After my first divorce I became a private police officer. My boss would put me out on stakeouts watching Cocaine and Meth drug dealers and taking notes, reporting in. That ended when my boss came bye where I was on stakeout and lead me down a dark alley and unzipped his pants, requesting a blow job. I had a Smith & Wesson 38 Caliber piston in the holster on my hip and a number of other weapons on my belt, including my hands…..
I thought about, reminding him of this. Instead, I heard myself tell him (Dusty Rhoades of Kansas City, Kansas Police Department) to GO and FUCK HIMSELF!
Then I quit!
After sharing this confrontation with my coworkers they all rebelled and disappeared for 2 weeks with me at Sturgis 😀

Upon returning to Kansas City, Missouri I tried to hire the head of the Bar Association. He told I had a hell of a case, but they represented the Police Department and couldn’t represent me. So I moved to Colorado! Time to leave Missouri behind and live where the weather suits my attitude and needs.

Upon arriving in Beautiful Colorado my life became great again! Got a job working for the Breckenridge Brewery as a Hostess plus I started my own Painting Company “Lyons Painting Colorado. I’m a bit of a wizard with a paintbrush in my hand. Business was good! It was at the Breckenridge Brewery that I met my next husband. I decided what kind of man I wanted and needed in my life at that time and cast a very strong spell. It was so strong, we met the next day.

That was 19 years ago. Upon meeting this man Richard Squire; something changed inside me. I started looking deeper into myself and purpose of existance. Started talking to God everyday asking for guidance. I was at a crossroad many times with myself. My job was bartending then at The Buffallo Rose in Golden Colorado. One day a palm reader came up to me and asked to read my hand. I let her… She told me my path was changing.. Told me I was gonna move onto a career that helps others and is full of sunlight no longer working at restuarants and bars. Life was waiting for me to start on my path!

So, I took her guidance and applied for a position as a Private Caregiver for a Service in Golden, CO. Worked for that company for a few months then began my own Private Caregiving Business. It was wonderful assisting elderly ladies and gentlemen. They told me alot of interesting stories and great advice. Its was a great time in my life.
I quickly learned what happens to all of us when we get too sick or too old to care for ourselves properly. Decided right then those things were not gonna be a part of my life when I’m old. So I dived back into the study and research of natural medicine and herbal cures. When I wasn’t caring for others I was home studing, asking god for help creating recipes to help my clients get healthier. After spending all my time taking care of others I got really sick with pneumonia for 3 months. Richard my husband got it in his head that I was sick for so long because I was depressed. He asked me “If you could do anything at all, What would it be? If you didn’t have to worry about finances for 6 months?” I told him I wanted to start my own business BONNIES BALMS and formulate and manufacture all the products I’d been making at home and gifting my clients, friends and family.

June 10,2008  Bonnie’s Balms was born unto me! Through my dreams I formulate and find the herbs needed for the health and pain relief needed for myself and others. Every recipe I have formulated came to me while asleep. Upon waking I write them down. Through research and developement all the other parts like natural preservatives, ect are added in.